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In this issue...
  • Flu vaccinations and Vitamin D for winter
  • Traffic issues due to roadworks in our area may lengthen travel times 
  • Staff illness may also mean delays
  • DHB support for complex medical conditions is now confirmed 

and this month Dr Ric writes the second of the two part series about his favourite nutrient for 40 years....

Vitamin C  

May 2019 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.
Winter is here and colds and flu will soon be amongst us. Remember to take protective measures to decrease exposure to the viruses and prepare your immune system so it actively responds to the infection.
Do have a healthy winter.

Millhouse News
FREE FLU VACCINATION commenced April 1 for those at greatest risk of influenza. They include those over 65 yrs, young children under 4 years with chest conditions who have had a recent admission to hospital, sufferers of chronic illness (heart disease, diabetes, chest conditions & asthma) and women during pregnancy. However, I do recommend avoiding immunisation early in pregnancy, when crucial foetal development is occurring, and to avoid having a vaccination if you are unwell.
STAFF SICKNESS AND INCREASED WINTER COLDS: Illness may mean a delay in returning your call or email. Please be patient as you are important to us but we are unable to do everything at once.
DON'T FORGET VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTATION FOR WINTER: Vitamin D strengthens resistance against winter illness, especially for the more susceptible young and old. When there has been inadequate summer sun exposure, adults can take up to 5000 units daily and children 1000 units for every 12 kg, to maintain optimum Vitamin D levels. Oral Vitamin D drops are now freely available for children so ask your family doctor for a prescription.
ROADWORKS: Reception has reported a number of you have been delayed by the Pakuranga Highway roadworks and now, the Botany Road resealing. If you are using these routes allow plenty of time to get to your Millhouse appointment.
PROACTIVE PATIENT CARE (PPC) has been revised and the revamped financial assistance package continues to include free practice nurse consultations for those needing complex medical general practice care. The programme has also extended the free doctor and nurse care for those needing palliative management of advanced cancer or other life-limiting illnesses.

Dr Ric writes:

This month I continue with the topic I introduced last month, and for which I have had a nutritional passion for nearly 40 years. - Vitamin C. History shows that some insightful sailors and medics worked out that humans could suffer a lack of this vital nutrient, it was often overlooked and the problem of scurvy is still to be found in today's world. Although it is often people's lifestyle choices that bring about problems, Vitamin C is a factor in conserving and restoring health when we are run down or seriously ill. I mention research with pneumonia, and the common cold, and  intravenous treatment post-surgery   Controversy continues to surround the use of Vitamin C in treating cancer; however there are numerous ways IVC could bring benefits which are outlined this month. 

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Yours in good health 

Dr Ric Coleman and the Millhouse Team


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