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Can I pay by Credit card?
Yes. Our EFTPOS facilities include use of credit cards.

I am short of funds. Can I pay later?

Our normal policy is for payment to be made at the time of consultation. You can also pay online. If you wish to defer payment, you will be charged an accounting fee. If an account is not paid and no arrangements have been made with the Practice Administrator, these accounts may be passed on to a debt collection agency. All costs incurred with this are passed on to the patient via the collection agency.

If my doctor is away, can I see another doctor?
Yes. Absences are covered by other team members or locum doctors.

Can I request a female doctor for my cervical smear?
Yes. Our male doctors understand some patients prefer a female to provide this examination.

How do I know my private medical information is secure?
The MIMC team, like all health professionals, is obliged by the Privacy Act to have secure computer
records and backups, and confidentiality agreements with our  staff and cleaners. We also securely dispose of health information
that is no longer needed.

Why am I being asked for my passport?
Our funding agreements with the Ministry of Health, and the EastHealth PHO, require that patient identities are validated by birth certificate or passport.

What is Cornerstone accreditation?
The NZ College of General Practitioners regularly assesses medical practices according to agreed standards in matters of health and safety, patient privacy and rights, and the delivery of quality medical services. The Millhouse Centre is fully RNZCGP accredited and has been named a top practice by the PHO two years running.

Do you have a midwife on site?
No. We work cooperatively with local midwives and maternity services.

How do I make a complaint?
Millhouse Integrative Medical Centre takes complaints seriously. You can talk with the Practice Manager or you can use this Complaints Form.

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