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In this issue...
  • Shingles, Meningococal disease and Flu vaccines are available
  • Masks are required in the waiting room 
  • Video consults are now available; specify when you book an appointment.
  • Covid Swabs are taken in the carpark
  • Don't forget to use ManageMy Health and digital prescriptions to reduce interpersonal contact

and this month Dr Ric writes about the Covid - 19 hazard risks associated with various factors, looks at international results of vaccinations so far, and discusses the concept of herd immunity.

February 2021 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.
I hope you have been enjoying the summer which is slowly changing now with colder evenings. There has been something for everyone; nearly enough rain, augmented by handheld watering for the gardener, and warm sunny days for enjoyable unrestricted outdoor living. This has been more special, free from lockdown, and the ravages of Covid-19, which continue to decimate the northern hemisphere but also South Africa and South American countries and, to a limited extent, Australia.
I am especially grateful that our government welcomed expert advice early in the Covid-19 pandemic, reevaluated their decisions when mishaps occurred and revised quarantine plans when necessary to keep Covid-19 at bay.
The absence of Covid-19 in the community has given the Ministry of Health time to carefully evaluate scientific data, observe the Covid-19 vaccine results administered to millions of people in the Northern hemisphere, and make an objective decision rather than being under the pressure of an emergency situation.
Millhouse News: 
Masks - we are asking all patients to wear face masks in the waiting room to prevent possible spread of infection to others. However, during the consultation with your Doctor or Practice Nurse, if you both agree face masks can be removed.
Online  Booking Questions - you will be asked four questions to determine whether you may be at risk of a Covid infection. NO answers will allow you  make an online booking.  You can also indicate whether a face-to-face, phone or virtual-link is preferred.
Covid Swabs continue to be taken at 130 Millhouse. Please ring for an appointment if you have any respiratory symptoms; Reception will give you a booking time and you can park in the 130M carpark. Stay in your car when you arrive, ring Reception and a nurse will come and take the swab while you remain in your vehicle.
For repeat prescriptions, we prefer they are made through the ManageMyHealth portal which avoids unnecessary time delay with Reception and Nurses in processing a telephone request.

This month Dr Ric discusses who is at greatest risk of dying from Covid-19, document known Covid vaccine adverse vaccine reactions, and comments on vaccine effectiveness that has been reported thus far. He notes that the elderly and infirm are at much higher risk than the young, and men more susceptible than women. Obesity is also a factor. A useful graph of the 'Hazard Ratio" is included. The results of vaccinations administered in other countries so far show tiny numbers of reactions/deaths, and convincing drops in Covid infections. Herd immunity is also discussed.

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Yours in good health 

Dr Ric Coleman and the Millhouse Team


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