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  • CORONAVIRUS - if you have flu-like symptoms, ring Reception for advice, Don't come into the waiting room. Nurses wearing full protective gear are taking nasal swabs from patients in cars outside 130 Millhouse.
  • HOLIDAY HOURS We are closed over the statutory holiday periods. 
  • Video consults are now available; specify when you book an appointment.
  • Don't forget to use ManageMy Health and digital prescriptions to reduce interpersonal contact

and this month Dr Ric writes more about the international responses to the pandemic, including vaccines, and what else you can do to fight

December 2020 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.
Firstly, congratulations to the Government for the decisions that have kept New Zealand virtually free from Covid-19. This will hopefully allow us the freedom to enjoy summer living.
However, this has been at a price. Many in the Millhouse community have experienced Covid hardship - unable to share the warmth of social contact, losing employment and income, and experiencing emotional turmoil that has created uncertainty, fear, worry and sleeplessness which insidiously takes a toll on health.
If your Covid experiences continue to traumatize you, please mention this to your family doctor or the medical team, who can enrol you in the Wellness Programme which will assist in health recovery at no personal financial cost. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved.
Please note that masks are now required in the waiting room, and that cheques will no longer be accepted in 2021.

This month Dr Ric discusses again the four countries with differing responses to Covid-19, deliberates on vaccination since many have asked about this, and discusses Ivermectin, a compound which may be useful to treat Covid-19.

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Dr Ric Coleman and the Millhouse Team


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