Help with Quitting Smoking

There are a number of strategies available to assist in STOPPING SMOKING. 
Many smokers find it helpful to call Quitline on 0800 778 778 or go to to check the full range of support tools available.. 

The Ministry of Health has made FREELY AVAILABLE the following medications to assist in the withdrawal process.

     • NICOTINE PATCHES & GUM which replace cigarette nicotine and relieve the withdrawal cravings.
     • CHAMPIX which stimulates brain nicotine receptors and eases the cigarette withdrawal.

The antidepressant ZYBAN remains available (not free) and may be helpful. 

The Millhouse Integrative Medical Team of doctors and nurses are keen to support you if you wish to stop smoking. Feel free to make a doctor or nurse appointment.

Living Smokefree Patient Information Sheet - print ready