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In this issue...
  • Dr Ric back from vacation. 
  • Changes in practice staff - new HR and Finance Managers
  • Nurse and Reception vacancies
  • Reminder that September is the month of focus for Prostate Awareness and promoting Cervical Smears.
  • Normal lab results will be communicated by text
  • Please limit the number of issues you bring to 15 minute consultations

This month Dr Ric passes on some advice for making the best of your travel plans. 

September 2017 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers. 

When I began this newsletter the daffodils had begun flowering, a sign that spring was here. But the rain continued, though today as I finish writing the sun shines.
Have you survived this wet and bleak winter?
While I was away on annual leave, the NZ Herald (August 6) informed me that in June, throughout New Zealand, more than 180 people were being admitted to hospital each day with influenza and that this is double the rate of illness experienced last year. Auckland Hospital experienced its busiest day ever in July with 136 influenza admissions, compared with 41 at that time in 2016. This year's flu season came much earlier, especially affecting those with chronic disease.
I hope as well as being vaccinated and keeping warm, you supplemented with vitamin D and consumed lots of turmeric, ginger and cayenne with your food.

I'm grateful to Dr Jo Lim who saw my patients while I was away and to the medical team who worked steadfastly during the busy winter period.
Practice Changes
We have recently appointed Noreen Cooper our senior receptionist to the lead financial role and Lisa Leat as HR manager at Millhouse.
Practice Nurses
Kate has also resigned after 15 years and many will miss the caring concern she gave during her time at Millhouse. We wish her au revoir as she joins a smaller group practice and continues her nursing career.
Vacant Practice Positions
Due to the above practice changes we have reception and nursing vacancies. If you know someone who might be interested, please contact Lisa with their details.
Laboratory Results
Over the last 10 years we have emailed blood and X-ray results as well as commenting on the findings. Despite giving a written explanation, we still receive phone inquiries asking for more information and this takes up a considerable amount of nurse time. If your doctor considers all your tests are normal, we are going to trial texting only (instead of sending a comprehensive email detailing all the results). If you would prefer receiving only an email response, mention that to your doctor next time you visit.
15 Minute Consultations
Our standard consultation length is 15 minutes. Increasingly we are being asked to deal with so many problems during that time it can be an impossible task. It would be helpful if you prioritised your concerns and limit the number of issues to three. Consultations greater than 20min may be charged an additional fee.

TRAVEL ADVICE - keeping healthy on holiday

Dr Ric writes:

In August I returned from an enjoyable vacation visiting family and touring with friends, and I thought this was an opportune time to write a few words about staying healthy while traveling. The current aviation pipeline crisis which has affected overseas flights is a reminder that we need to be prepared for those unexpected everts that occur when travelling overseas.
Not every person returning from an overseas vacation has had a memorable time. A few years ago an Millhouse patient on a South East Asian cruise was confined to her cabin for one week after she developed diarrhea and vomiting. On her return she told me that this was a most unpleasant experience and that it was the last overseas trip she would do. Outbreaks of Norovirus gastro illness do occur on cruise liners and have led to the quarantine of passengers to their rooms for a number of days.
So this month I'm sharing some thoughts to help you travel successfully while on vacation overseas.
Carefully plan your trip. Research information about the countries you are visiting and problems you may experience like climate extremes, language difficulties and the non-availability of Western food. Consider what would be your response in these situations........

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Yours in good health 

Dr Ric, Dr Dan  and the Millhouse Integrative Medical Team

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