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In this issue...
  • Dr Ric vacation
  • Welcome Nurse Amanda
  • Patient information updates
  • Nurse uniforms
  • Apologies September Newsletter not emailed, available online

and this month Dr Ric writes about concerns with Sugar Substitutes like Aspartame 

October News

Warm greetings to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.

Spring rain, a few fine days, more rain  and more rain as I commence the October 2016 newsletter.  

It's not long ago I experienced temperatures in the high 30's as I looked out towards the mist of the Victoria Falls and watched a family of three elephants cross the Zambezi River. It is a privilege to travel, to view wonderful places around the world and to see how others live.  The South Africa I was shown over my three week visit was no doubt a sanitised view but I did appreciate the generosity and warmth of the service industry, quality hotel accommodation and delightful local cuisine, especially the seafood, which was half the New Zealand price. Even though South Africa has 25% unemployment and the Johannesburg Saturday Star reported a recent increase in major crime, the economy appeared on a roll - if the numerous cranes dotted across the skyline of major cities are anything to go by.

Millhouse News
Patient Information updates
With changes in capitation funding, our patient information must be current and correct. Please don't be offended if reception ask you to review and update the data we hold on you before each consultation.
Nursing Team Update
We have had further changes in the nurse team. Mary resigned to work closer to home and her skills in encouraging those with diabetes to adopt healthy lifestyle goals – exercise, improved eating, quality sleep and less stress - will be greatly missed. We have been fortunate in appointing as Mary's replacment Amanda who will bring renewed enthusiasm to our nurse team.
Nurse Uniforms.
The nurses are now in a new nurse uniform - I hope you like it.
Phone Messages & Script Messages
Again the practice nurses have asked when leaving a phone message or a request for a prescription, if you could speak slowly and clearly, as sometimes they have trouble deciphering the communication.

In this newsletter Dr Ric writes about artificial sweetener Aspartame and the negative effects it has on human health. His main point is that aspartame contains methanol, a Trojan horse chemical, which is secretly absorbed and converted to a poison which destroys healthy cells.

Download the full October newsletter

Regards,  Dr Ric and the Millhouse Medical Team
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