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In this issue...
  • Daylight saving means more sun so more care needed
  • Ear Suction machine. 
  • Lower fees for CSC holders
  • Christmas Hours

and this month 

student Una writes about caring for your Skin and Joints

and the use of vitamin B3

November 2018 News

This month's newsletter is written by 5th year medical student Una Cahill 5th who was training with us recently.

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.

Daylight Saving has started and the days are getting longer. As the weather improves and we look towards what will hopefully be a long, hot summer, it is important to remember to maintain healthy skin care habits to combat the summer sun. Moisturising, applying sunblock and remaining hydrated, alongside use of some of the dietary supplements and natural options we discuss this month, can help keep your skin healthier for longer. Don't forget to do regular skin checks and come see your GP if you've got any skin-related concerns.

Also of importance as the weather clears and we look towards getting active over the summer is joint health. This month we discuss dietary and lifestyle factors that help maintain healthy joints to keep you active for longer.


COMMUNITY SERVICE CARDS  – those who qualify for community service cards are entitled to lower consultation fees from December 1st 2018. Criteria can be found at Work & Income NZ.
EAR WAX REMOVAL – is now available at Millhouse. Give our nurses a call to find out more. 


24th Christmas Eve closing at 5pm.
25th and 26th December closed - MERRY CHRISTMAS
27th and 28th open, closing at 5pm
Saturday 29th closed
Monday 31st closed PLEASE NOTE
1st and 2nd January 2019 closed - HAPPY NEW YEAR

This month Una Cahill offers a series of short helpful articles.
The first is about SELF-CHECKS FOR MOLES:
It's important to keep an eye on any moles, freckles or lumps and bumps on your skin, and if you're concerned about anything, to come and see your GP at Millhouse.
Here are a few signs to watch out for when checking moles and freckles on your skin.
      B – BORDER
      C – COLOURS
      D – DIAMETER

Asymmetry of moles is a warning sign to come and have them checked. Alongside this is irregularity of the border, multiple pigment colours, and a diameter of over 5mm. Changes in moles should be checked out too. 

Photos of common skin lesions and some recent statistical data about melanoma are provided.  The useful supplement nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) is shown to prevent skin cancer.

The rest of the newsletter covers ideas for improving joint health, 

Want to read the full newsletter? Download it here...

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Yours in good health 

Dr Ric Coleman and the Millhouse Team

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