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In this issue...
  • Dr Ric comments about sugar and the TV campaign Big Changes Start Small
  • Practice Nurse Mary Goldfinch can help with diabetes
  • Dr Therese now available for urgent consultations from 8am daily
  • Dr Daniel Quistorff attending short course in Australia 
  • Easthealth PHO offers  free patient education
  • Extra resources for trying mindfulness techniques

and Dr Ric writes about

 Happiness and 


November  2015

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers,
Last month I began the newsletter discussing the connection between high sugar consumption, poor teeth, streptococcal throat infections and rheumatic fever. Remember sugar (sucrose) is 50% fructose & glucose, fruit juice is 100% fructose; BOTH should be avoided.
The Minister of Health wasn't brave enough to tax imported sugar but has endorsed the 'BIG CHANGES START SMALL'' advertising campaign to modify our eating habits and halt the obesity epidemic.
Sporting celebrities are now being seen on our TV screens, including Valerie Adams our champion shot-putter, who says "We feed our families because we love them, to show them we care, but we're feeding them too much food and too much junk, so some of our kids could end up living shorter lives than their parents. We're giving our families too much love".
This is a way forward to reduce the epidemic of sugar related diseases - but I would still impose a sugar tax. 

Millhouse News - Medical Team Update
Practice Nurse Mary has settled in and brings a wealth of experience in weight management and encouraging pre-diabetes and diabetic patients to make positive lifestyle changes as well as adjusting medication and insulin where needed.
Remember that restful sleep each night, regular exercise, eating a whole food diet with spices used generously, and having meaningful relationships are the hallmark a happy long life and the key to improving chronic illness.
Dr Daniel Quistorff   
Dr Daniel, 'the new doctor' as he calls himself, when you meet him for the first time, is developing a following with children and young families. He is a most likeable character and has a special interest in becoming a skilled integrative physician, combining the best of technological medicine with mind-body interventions and nutritional therapies.
Dr Dan will be away for a few days this month updating his integrative medical skills at the Australasian College of Nutrition & Environmental Medicine workshop in Melbourne.
Dr Therese Khella  
Remember that Dr Therese is now available each morning from 8.00am and is in attendance all day Tuesday and Thursday. Dr Therese is a skilled family practitioner who has a special focus on women's and children's health, and is fluent in English and Arabic. 


EastHealth PHO Self -Management Programmes 
East Health is one of New Zealand's leading PHO's showing excellence in delivering health preventive strategies in smoking cessation, cardiovascular risk assessment and screening programmes for the detection of breast and cervical cancer.
In the last newsletter I mentioned East Health's self-management programmes - healthy eating active lifestyle,  Smoking cessation, Mindfulness, and Pain, Diabetes and Weight Self Management.- that are freely available for all registered practice patients.
Perhaps your New Year's health resolution might be to join one of these programmes. Ask your doctor or our practice nurses for details on how to register.   

Mindfulness - Self-Help Resources
CALM - Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind is an online University of Auckland initiative providing information to empower mental resilience, and provide skills to manage stress and encourage meaningful relationships. Check the website out. A number of guided meditations are available to download.
Jacqui Pounder informed me of the YOGA 4 YOU classes she runs at the Howick Recreational Centre. Jacqui has a background in dance and will introduce you to safe yoga posture routines, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Please feel free to contact her at 021 151 0424 or jacqui.pounder@gmail.com 

This month Dr Ric looks at the meaning and dimensions of HAPPINESS. 

Read the full newsletter here.....

Yours in good health
Dr Richard J Coleman

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