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Millhouse Integrative Medical Centre March 30 Update. 

Dear Valued Millhouse Patient,

This is Day 5 of an extraordinary experience, and I hope you are settling into a routine and caring for yourself, as we make sacrifices for the sake of others.
Remember that Millhouse is your 'health care home,' the first port of call for medical concerns.
We are available to:
•    consult with you by phone, email and hopefully by video, whenever possible.
•    provide flu vaccinations at 130 Millhouse, by appointment
•    see existing and new patients 'in person' when necessary.

If you are unwell with symptoms that include any of fever, sneezing, sore throat, cough or breathing difficulties (respiratory infection)
please call Healthline 0800 358 5453
or during the weekday Millhouse Reception on 537 4980.
You will be directed to the Community Drive-By Testing, next to East Care A&E in Botany Road, Millhouse will not be viral swab testing.

Changes at Millhouse:
Consultation Hours - reduced to 8.30 am- 4.30 pm. 
Buildings - 130 Millhouse is dedicated to flu vaccination from the garage; when you arrive, park in the carpark and walk straight in. Dr Alet is now working with Dr Aileen from 130M. 128 Millhouse continues as before but with Dr Therese joining on this side. We divide the day, seeing high risk and low risk patients at different times. 
Certificates and ACC injuries - WINZ certification and ACC forms, including new injuries, can now be completed on-line but you will need a phone consultation with your doctor for them to initiate the forms. 
Scripts - Millhouse Pharmacy scripts will be taken next door but others will be FAXED directly to your chemist to avoid unnecessary foot traffic. 

Good advice after the first weekend:
Stay Local – we can and should exercise on foot or bike but are discouraged from taking the car anywhere; one km from home in each direction has been mentioned. Visits to municipal playgrounds, and swimming or surfing are strictly ruled out under Level Four. But keep eyes and ears open for as further clarifications are coming out every day.
Take it easy on kids – Lockdown has led to a completely new definition of "homework"! Educationalists and experienced home schoolers tell us that two hours of supervised school work in a day is plenty under these conditions. Of course some kids will do more if they are engaged with a project, but a freedom to play, even using screen time, will help build their emotional resilience. Some families are taking the view that the Easter holidays have started already.

This is a challenging time, but we are resilient; determine to be both courageous and kind over coming weeks.
Yours in good health,

Dr Richard J Coleman 

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