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In this issue...
  • Dr Ric away till August 7th. 
  • Colder weather and health advice
  • Laboratory Results in normal range to be notified by text
  • Nurses undertaking further study to enable greater clinical involvement
  • Medical students

and this month 5th year med student Alistair Lock writes about healthy sleep. 

June 2017 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers. 

Winter I think has certainly come with more rain and cold windy weather; however as I write, the last two days have been warm with the sun shining through.
Have you remembered to have a flu vaccination which alerts the immune system to the new strains of influenza viruses we may face this winter? Don't forget supplementing with vitamin D which not only enhances your immune response to influenza but also to the common cold rhinoviruses and the bacterial infections of winter.
Remember in the cold to dress warmly, wash your hands often when touching surfaces in public places and be generous in using anti-inflammatory spices (turmeric, ginger and cayenne see March 2011 Newsletter online) when you get a cold or flu infection. 

Congratulations to receptionist Linda who won two silver medals in bowling at the recent Masters Games and to Dr Alet who participated in the marathon.
Laboratory Results: Over the last 10 years we have emailed all blood and X-ray results. Even though we have commented on the findings, we still receive many phone inquiries requiring nurse time. When your doctor considers the tests are all normal, we are going to trial sending a text only. However please tell your doctor if you would prefer an email copy.
Doctor News: Dr Ric will be on vacation for two months from the beginning of June and Dr Joe Lim will cover as he has in previous years.
Practice Nurse News: Gabriella is undertaking postgraduate nurse practitioner training and Nurse Leonie is learning to prescribe for common conditions. This will allow them greater involvement in patient care and the prescribing of medication for simple conditions, allowing doctors to focus on the more complex problems in general practice. I think this an exciting change in primary health care.
Medical Students
Each year we have senior medical students attached to the practice. They spend time with patients, hone their communication and examination skills, and formulate clinical diagnoses and a treatment plan. Thank you for allowing students to spend time with you, as this provides a wonderful opportunity for learning and is also a stimulus for the medical team to maintain their skills. 

In this newsletter, 5th year medical student Alistair Lock makes his contribution by writing about the Health Effects of Inadequate Sleep
He writes: 
It has been a privilege to work at Millhouse Integrative Medical Centre. I have met many of the practice's patients and I would like to thank them for giving consent to have consultations with me over the past four weeks. I have enjoyed learning about some of the alternative therapies offered at Millhouse which are rare to find elsewhere – I will take this knowledge with me on my future placements. I wanted to contribute to the newsletter this month by sharing some research I have recently undertaken with the Royal New Zealand Air Force on the health effects of inadequate sleep.
Sleep is essential to human life, serving physiological and endocrine systems which help maintain optimal physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Chronic sleep restriction below 7 hours/night has been shown to increase risk of significant ill health as well as a shortening of life.

Want to read the full article? Download the full June newsletter....

Yours in good health 

Dr Ric, Dr Dan  and the Millhouse Integrative Medical Team

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