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In this issue...
  • Under 13 year doctor & ACC visits are free from 1 July 
  • Medical Student training
  • Practice Nurse Jacqui and the ARI (AT RISK INDIVIDUALS) programme 
  • Service Fee may apply 
  • Problem of late cancellation of appointments

    ...and this month we continue the series on
    "Food as Medicine" with Ginseng.

June 2015

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and other readers,  Please note we are now publishing the full newsletter in pdf format to overcome issues with email formatting. 

Winter is now here with shorter days and cold driving rain. I hope you have prepared for winter. Keeping warm, washing hands frequently after being in public places where others have contaminated surfaces from their colds and flu. Do supplement with Vitamin D, especially if you have avoided the summer sun by living indoors or have used protective sunscreens; Vitamin D enhances the body's immune function and helps protect against winter respiratory infections.
Don't forget the healing properties of turmeric which I have mentioned on numerous occasions. Curcugel, the concentrated form of turmeric, is available for purchase at 128 Reception.
The Flu Vaccine is still available and you can make an appointment with the Practice Nurses for this immunisation.

Free Under 13 Year Doctor & ACC visits commence 1 July
For normal 15min consultation only. Please note: Extended consultations beyond 15min, requests for repeat medication prescription and extra procedures, like liquid nitrogen for wart removal, will all be charged an additional service fee.

Having medical students at the practice is a positive learning experience for the medical team and a challenge to maintain high standards of care. Students during their attachment undertake a learning assignment that benefits the practice. This month 5th year student John Sison has contributed to the newsletter by writing about the usefulness of Ginseng, a traditional Chinese herb that has been used for over 2000 years, as a tonic to improve health.

Read the full newsletter here.....

Yours in good health
Dr Richard J Coleman

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