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In this issue...
  • Summer Advice
  • Visiting Clinical Pharmacist
  • Dr Dan and Ozone Therapy 
  • Nurse Blood Pressure readings and home monitors
  • Nurse Result Search charges

and this month Dr Ric writes about the key role of Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin 

February News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.
It has been an interesting summer so far. Everyone is wanting more sunny days and I had hoped the sea would become warmer so swimming was enjoyable. In the North Island we have experienced both a lack of rain and a persistent wind that has parched the land, making agriculture intolerable for many farmers.
Summer is the time to replenish the immunity-boosting Vitamin D stores that provide protection against the winter ills which will certainly come. Remember too that higher levels of Vitamin D reduces the risk of internal organ cancers. Don't shun the sun but do avoid getting burnt.

Millhouse News 

Visiting Clinical Pharmacist
Each week Anna, the East Health clinical pharmacist, visits Millhouse to review the medicines prescribed for recently-discharged hospital patients, and those with complex medical conditions who are taking many pharmacy drugs. We know that people who take numerous medicines are at greater risk of serious drug complications and even death. Anna is highly skilled in the knowledge of pharmaceuticals and their interactions and we value the contributions she is making to our medical team. 

Dr Dan & Ozone Therapy
For many years Ozone gas (O3) has been used commercially to sterilise swimming pools and domestic water supplies, but medics have paid little attention to its use in treating illness. Dr Dan has just returned from a San Francisco workshop where Dr Robert Rowan, the leading United States authority on Ozone, lectured on using this modality to treat disease. Please read the December 2016 newsletter for more information on Ozone Therapy and it effectiveness in treating illness. Dr Dan has commenced trialling Ozone Therapy in suitable patients. 

Nurse Blood Pressure charge ($5)
In the last newsletter we indicated that Nurse Blood Pressure readings now have a $5 service charge.
Expenses in General Practice are rising at a greater rate than the national cost of living, which the Ministry of Health uses to determine the increase in the consultation fees that can be charged. It is for this reason we instituted a nominal BP charge to offset the increased costs.
Alternatively, you may wish to perform your own blood pressure test. Blood pressure self-monitoring machines are easily available online at TradeMe or from a chemist. Omron is an excellent brand which can be purchased for under $100. If you do buy a monitor, consider bringing it to the next consultation and ask the nurse or doctor to compare readings with your new meter.   

Specialist Hospital Investigation Results
We are being increasingly asked to find and inform patients of their hospital specialist results. We do have access online but this requires nurse and doctor time to perform this task. If an investigation result is not easily accessed, a nurse search charge will be invoiced for this service. 

This month Dr Ric writes: 

I have always been fascinated by Vitamin B3.

A shortage of this key nutrient  causes a condition called Pellagra, characterised by the four D's – dermatitis, diarrhoea, dementia and death. In the 19th century it was recognised that those who ate predominantly maize as their food were at the greatest risk, but indigenous South Americans had discovered that by pre-treating their  maize, they could reduce its occurrence. 

Other options are available today. When our memory and thinking fades, our joints creak and ache, our skin wrinkles and cancers appear, we can consider taking a daily niacinamide supplement with the other B vitamins. Discuss with your doctor, as there are some side-effects. 

Want to know more? Download the full February newsletter.... 

Regards,  Dr Ric, Dr Dan  and the Millhouse Integrative Medical Team
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