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In this issue...
  • Welcome to Practice Nurse Lisa
  • Dr Ric comments about the Zika virus epidemic and gives pointers for people travelling to risk areas
  • He also reiterates the special skills of Dr Therese and Dr Daniel
  • Practice Nurse Mary can help with diabetes
  • ARI patients who have been on the scheme for one year will need to be reassessed for this targeted funding 

and this month two of our doctors write about

Hormonal Contraceptives and the Jadelle Implant 

February  2016

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers, 

I imagined when the meteorologist said that we were in for a greater El Nino summer, which brings more extreme conditions from the warming of the Pacific waters, it would be hotter and drier, with more drought. However the rain came and interrupted many a camper's fun holiday but for the gardeners and the farmers it has been a blessing.

I hope you have taken time out to relax and enjoy the holiday season with friends and family and are now feeling refreshed and looking forward to challenging year. 

In this newsletter I briefly review sex hormones, Dr Therese comments on the usefulness of Jadelle the injectable long-acting contraceptive and finally I add a brief comment on the Zika Virus crisis, causing disaster for pregnant woman in Brazil and possibly even threatening the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. 

Millhouse News - Medical Team Update
Dr Daniel Quistorff
Remember Dr Daniel, 'the new doctor' as he calls himself, who has been with us now for a number of months. He is a most likeable character and has a special interest in becoming a skilled integrative physician, combining the best of technological medicine with mind-body interventions and nutritional therapies. He also has an interest in BOTOX appearance medicine and will be offering this therapy at an evening clinic in the near future.
Dr Therese Khella
Dr Therese is available for consultations each morning from 8.00am daily and is in attendance all day Tuesday and Thursday. Dr Therese is a skilled family practitioner who has a special focus on women's and children's health, and is fluent in English and Arabic.
Dr Therese and Dr Aileen both perform Jadelle & Mirena IUCD insertion for those women seeking long-term hormonal contraception.
Practice Nurse Lisa
Lisa has joined the nursing team and brings a wealth of experience from her many years working at Middlemore Hospital.
ARI for Prediabetes
Practice Nurse Mary leads the lifestyle education programme for those with prediabetes, and also collaborates with your family doctor in advising poorly-controlled diabetics about recommended dietary choices, exercise and medical therapy. Mary sees patients on two afternoons each week.
ARI enrolment
Enrolment in the At Risk Individual programme is normally for a period of up to one year. At the end of that time your doctor and Practice Nurse will dialogue with you whether there is a health advantage to be gained by re-enrolling for a further year. ARI is a limited funding resource which targets those with the greatest need.

This month Dr Ric looks at the history of synthetic hormones as contraceptives, and Dr Therese introduces the Jadelle, a long-acting hormonal contraceptive implant inserted in the upper arm.

Read the full newsletter here.....

Yours in good health
Dr Richard J Coleman

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