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In this issue...
  • Thanks to Dr Lim and all the Millhouse team  for covering Dr Ric's leave. 
  • Advice for winter health protection
  • Change in Community Service Card conditions; you may now be entitled.
  • Repeat Prescriptions through the Practice Nurses 
  • Explanation of the HBA1c test

and this month 

Dr Ric writes about the important lifestyle factors in health and happiness

August 2018 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.
It was cold when I returned from vacation but this last week the rain has eased, and the sun has shone bringing a little more warmth, so it won't be long till we experience spring.
I hope you survived the winter chills by keeping warm, washing hands to avoid contact with viruses, and that you strengthen the nose & sinus mucous membranes, your immune system by supplementing with vitamin D & C, zinc and turmeric.


THANKYOU to Dr Joe Lim and the Millhouse Team for looking after my patients while I was away. Dr Joe informed me after I returned he is finishing medical practice after approximately 50 years of service - a wonderful achievement – Joe we wish you a happy and healthy long retirement.
COMMUNITY SERVICE CARD: The Labour Party's election promise to lower the patient co-payment for those with Community Service Cards (CSC) is underway. Originally it was to have commenced 1 July but has now been delayed till 1 December. Check out Work & Income online  to see if you may qualify for a CSC. Reception will inquire if you have a CSC so we can place this on record.
AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES: East Care A&E is available for acute problems. After hours phone advice is also available by ringing Millhouse 537 4980 where you will transferred to the on call nurse triage service.
REMEMBER ZOSTAVAX IMMUNISATION for the prevention of shingles, and especially shingles neuralgia, is free for those over 65 years. Make an appointment to see our Practice Nurses.
REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONSJust a reminder again that the Practice Nurses have responsibility for repeat prescriptions.  If you have a stable medical condition you should see your family doctor at least once a year but you are able to request three-month repeat prescriptions at other times. Please don't be offended if the Practice Nurse asks you to see the doctor or a Practice Nurse for review We will advance one month's medication if there are difficulties in being seen. The Practice Nurse will also review whether a mammogram, cervical smear, blood pressure, or blood test (cholesterol, diabetes & PSA-prostate) investigation is due or any other recall your doctor has made.
Don't forget appointments online, a convenient way to book a doctor consultation.  

This month Dr Ric writes about seeing a TED Talk  by Professor Robert Waldinger who is the fourth doctor to head up the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest and most comprehensive adult study in history. In New Zealand we have the 'Dunedin study' which has been going for 45 years but the Harvard study researches 75 years of living. Dr Ric comments on the main findings of the decades of research into the physical and psychological health of 724 men who graduated from Harvar in Massachusetts in the early forties, age-matched with the same number of young men from a low socioeconomic area in Boston at that time. The findings profoundly challenge today's focus on wealth,  fame and success as indicators for health, happiness and fulfilment in life. Quality relationships are far more significant. And they are prtective of brain health.

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Yours in good health 

Dr Ric Coleman and the Milhouse Team

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