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In this issue...
  • CORONAVIRUS - if you have flu-like symptoms, ring Reception for advice, Don't come into the waiting room.
  • Please be kind to the Reception and Medical staff who are also feeling the strain
  • Nurses taking nasal swabs from patients in cars outside  at 130 Millhouse wear full protective gear.
  • Video consults are now available; specify when you book an appointment.
  • Don't forget to use ManageMy Health and digital prescriptions to reduce interpersonal contact

and this month Dr Ric writes in more detail about what you can do to stay healthy and about immune supplements that may help fight

 August 2020 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.
In the July newsletter I wrote about the many unknowns about the future in these COVID times.
Covid-19 remains a mysterious virus, and we remain susceptible to new infections, especially in winter. Vaccine testing has begun in several countries. The University of Oxford trials seem hopeful and Phase 3 has begun in South Africa and Brazil.
We have observed the insidious nature of COVID-19 which can easily breach quarantine measures and spread rapidly into the community, not just by aerosol action but also by surface contamination. Only by creating a secure 'quarantine island' will we eliminate transmission of the virus brought in by overseas travellers. 
We must remain vigilant, regularly washing hands, keeping social distances, wearing a mask in places of risk like shopping malls, supermarkets, and travelling on trains, buses and planes, and adopting nutritional practices that strengthen our immune system.

BE KIND TO OUR RECEPTION AND NURSE TEAM We recognise many are under stress at this time and are feeling frustrated and anxious, often experiencing broken, unrefreshing sleep. Please be kind to the Millhouse team when requesting an appointment or prescription, or enquiring about an investigation result. We are doing do the best we can in serving you.
COVID SWABS at 130 Millhouse are being carried out by our nurses in protective PPE gear. Please ring for an appointment if you have any respiratory symptoms; Reception will give you a booking time and you can park in the 130M carpark. Stay in your car when you arrive, ring Reception and a nurse will come and take the swab while you remain in the car.
VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS The screen cameras, ordered months ago, have just arrived and we are now able offer video consultations. These can be requested through Reception at the time of booking an appointment. Near to the appointment time, your doctor will send an email with the video-link address for doxy.me, a secure telemedicine website, where your video consultation will take place.
FOR REPEAT LONG-TERM PRESCRIPTIONS our preference is that you use the ManageMyHealth patient portal rather than the Millhouse website or ringing Reception. The Patient Portal script request goes directly to your doctor and avoids unnecessary delays.
DIGITAL PRESCRIPTIONS All prescriptions are now processed electronically and can be sent directly to your chemist, avoiding the necessity of a visit to Millhouse to collect the script. This averts contact with unwell people. Please do indicate the pharmacy to which you wish the digital prescription to be sent.
CERVICAL SMEARS & CHILDHOOD VACCINATIONS are available during ALERT 3. Just ring Reception for a nurse appointment.

Dr Ric's main article this month introduces some more about the body's immune response and a supplement that may be useful against Covid-19.

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Yours in good health 

Dr Ric Coleman and the Millhouse Team


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