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In this issue...
  • Deep sorrow at atrocities in Christchurch 
  • advIce about measles and vaccination
  • New policy re failed appointments PLEASE NOTE .
  • changes to DHB support for complex medical conditions

and this month Dr Ric writes the first of a two part series about his favourite nutrient for 40 years....

Vitamin C  

April 2019 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.
Friday 15th March will be a day of ignominy in the history of New Zealand.
I was finishing the morning surgery when staff informed me about the tragic shooting at hallowed places of worship in Christchurch. Initially I had a moment of disbelief telling myself this couldn't happen in New Zealand, but as the afternoon wore on, the enormity of the tragic events that occurred at the mosques was shown across the television screen.
Ghassan our osteopath lost a special friend, shot dead as he attempted to disarm the assailant, and I am sure there are others of the Millhouse community who have lost friends or family.
I have been deeply touched and overwhelmed by the expression of love that has been shown by so many.
Our prayers and love are with you all at this time.

Millhouse News includes advice about measles and to STAY HOME if you exhibit symptoms in throat, nose and eyes followed by a rash. 

We have implemented a new cancellation policy of charging for 'no shows' without at least two hours notice. This disincentive will enable us to reallocate precious time if you are unable to attend a booked appointment.

This month I write about a substance in which I have had a passionate interest for nearly 40 years. - Vitamin C. Although many New Zealanders believe we get enough of this vital nutrient from fruits and vegetables in our diet, a shortage of ascorbic acid can contribute to poor health, especially when someone is already ill. I advise that if you become unwell, supplement with at least 1-2 gm vitamin C taken throughout the day. And if you ever become critically–ill from sepsis, trauma or acute complications from chronic disease or aftermath of surgery, request the medical intensivist to administer Intravenous Vitamin C.

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Yours in good health 

Dr Ric Coleman and the Millhouse Team


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