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In this issue...
  • Winter is coing
  • Flu vaccines and Zostavirax
  • Booking online is easy
  • Thanks for allowing senior medical students to be part of your consultations

This month 5th year medical student Leon writes about staying safe when travelling

April 2018 News

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and to other readers.
I hope you enjoyed relaxing over the Easter break, perhaps walking the beach and even swimming in the still-warm water, as well as enjoying the company of friends and family.
Winter is just around the corner so be prepared for more colds and flu as some experts predict this year may be more severe than last.


Our new staff members have settled in. By now many of you will have met Ashleigh on reception and Practice Nurses Josie and Michael.
Flu vaccination arrives early April and Zostavax shingles immunisation is free, for over 65 years, so make an appointment with the Practice Nurse Team to receive the injection.
Don't forget appointments online are a convenient way of booking a doctor consultation.

This month's newsletter focus 'Keeping Safe when Travelling Overseas' is written by 5th year medical student Leon Hu who was attached to the practice for 4 weeks recently.
Medical students report their general practice time is the most valued learning experience in their training, as they listen to your stories, perform examinations and contemplate what actions might lead to improvement in your health.
Thank you to all who willing share with the students the health issues you face, as this enriches their training. Being a university teaching practice stimulates the Millhouse Medical Team to maintain high standards of care.
Last week 6th year medical student Derryn Manga joined us for six weeks.

Leon writes:
As we near the colder months, I suspect you may be itching to board a plane or cruise ship to warmer lands. Before you go travelling, be sure to meet with your doctor one month before departure to discuss your itinerary and countries of destination so that you understand the risks, are prepared for travel and - importantly - allow any required vaccinations to establish immunity.....

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Yours in good health 

Dr Ric Coleman and the Milhouse Team

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