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In this issue...
  • Winter is coming
  • Doctor skills
  • Practice Nurse Jacqui and the ARI (AT RISK INDIVIDUALS) programme
  • Appointments are 15 minutes
  • Problem of late cancellation of appointments
  • ...and this month Dr Ric continues the series on "Spices as Medicine"

April 2015

A warm welcome to the Millhouse Community and other readers. Please note we are now publishing the full newsletter in pdf format to overcome issues with email formatting.

Haven't the first three months of 2015 flown, with cooler nights announcing that winter will soon be here? The sun's rays are taking longer to reach earth and less vitamin D is able to be produced in the skin through sun exposure.  Autumn is time to consider supplementing with vitamin D to enhance the body's immune function and protect us against the winter respiratory infections. I suggest supplementing with 4000 units daily for adults  (cholecalciferol 1 tab  every two weeks)  and a lesser amount for children (500 units  per day for under 2 years, 1000 units 2-5 year,   2000 units  5 yr upward).

In the February newsletter I discussed turmeric's healing properties and I hope you have been adding this to your food. Remember to use it generously in cooking during winter and even more so when coughs and colds come your way.   (1/2 tsp powder in warmed water, or even better coconut or almond milk, 2 - 3 times daily). Also boost your immune response with the Flu Vaccine which has just arrived. We will remind you by text and email to make an appointment to see the Practice Nurses for immunisation.  

This month we explore Ginger, another interesting food with therapeutic qualities.

Read the full newsletter here.....

Yours in good health
Dr Richard J Coleman

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