Current Fees & Charges from 01 July 2018

Patients eligible for funded consultation fees are NZ citizens and permanent residents as well as people on a valid NZ entry permit covering two years (excluding visitors and student permits).
Free under 13's: Extended consultations beyond 15min, requests for repeat medication prescription and extra procedures, like liquid nitrogen for wart removal, will all be charged an additional service fee.

Registered and Enrolled Patients including Community Services Card Holders

INITIAL CONSULTATION 30 minutes  $82.00
15 minute consultations  
CHILD (0 - 12 years) $0.00
CHILD (13 - 17 years) $34.20
ADULT (18 - 24 years) $43.60
ADULT (25 - 44 years) $44.20
ADULT (45 - 64 years) $44.00
ADULT (65+ years) $37.70
Extended Consults per 15 minutes additional $80.00

Registered Casual and Non-Enrolled Patient Fees 

15 minute consultations  
CHILD (0 - 12 years) $44.00
CHILD (13 - 17 years) $54.00
ADULT (18 + years) with CSC $65.00
ADULT (18+ years) without CSC $80.00
Extended Consults per 15 minutes additional $80.00
Non-Resident Patient Fees (all ages) $82.00

All Groups

Extended Consults 30 min or longer, additional fee will apply
ACC (certified accident part charge) $43.00
Driving/Diving Medicals  $75.00

Nurse Consultation $23.00
Nurse Cervical Smear $35.00
Nurse Ear Syringe $32.00
Nurse Liquid Nitrogen from $17.00
Blood Tests $13.00
Nurse Blood Pressure check $5.00
Prescription Repeat collected $24.00
Prescription Repeat Faxed $27.00
SATURDAY MORNING Surcharge $10.00
HOME VISIT Surcharge $115.00
Did Not Arrive on more than two occasions  Consult Fee
If an account is not paid and no arrangements have been made with the Practice Administrator, these accounts may be passed on to a debt collection agency. All costs incurred with this are passed on to the patient via the collection agency.

Fees may vary from the above due to the complexity, extended consultation time, documentation and medical technologies used.

Payments can be made online. Our account details are: Name: Millhouse Medical Centre Limited. A/C : ANZ 01-0215-0047447-00. Please use your name or Chart Number as a reference.